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“It can’t be done in this day and age.”
“It’s a great hobby, but there’s no money in it.”
“It’s time to grow up and get a real job.”
“Sounds fun, but there’s no real demand for it in the job market.”

These are EXCUSES.  Over time however, they become our get-out-of-jail-free card, when someone asks us why we aren’t pursuing our dreams.  They slowly become our go-to responses when friends notice a skill, or a talent that we possess and then question why we’re not doing it for a living.  These are the lies we tell ourselves to help us get to sleep at night after YEARS of working eight, ten, twelve, hour days at a job we hate, only to come home too physically exhausted and emotionally drained to be of any use to our families.

Where do these excuses come from?  FEAR.

Nothing quells passion faster than our own fears.  However often times these fears were of external origin.  Our parents laugh when we say we want to be artists, actors or marine biologists, because they would rather see us do something practical and secure.  Paralegal has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?  School guidance counselors tell us we can’t be writers or comedians because there’s no demand in today’s market.  They would rather us become dental assistants and IT analysts.  Our colleagues at work press us to climb the corporate ladder, despite knowing there is nothing at the top but headaches and stress.  Sadly, if we believe the lies long enough, these external fears become our own.  Before we know it, we’re telling ourselves…

“It’s too hard.”
“It’s too scary.”
“I have too many financial responsibilities.”
“It’s taking too long to get where I want to go in life.”
“It can’t be done.”

Before we’re even aware it’s happening, we’re giving up on our dreams and living someone else’s.   Trust me when I say, NOTHING is more exhausting then living someone else’s dream.

Allow me to introduce Richie Parker.  He works for Hendrick Performance, where he is a vehicle engineer for FOUR of their race teams.  He has a SWEET ride.  He has a loving and supportive family.  He has an enormous income.  He gets up each morning and drives to a job that he LOVES.  Richie Parker has charisma and passion in spades.  What he doesn’t have… is arms…

If anyone could rationalize feeling entitled to sit at home in his lazy boy, collect his disability check and allow his mom and dad coddle him for the rest of his life, it’s this guy.   Here is a man with LEGITIMATE EXCUSES!

“Every step of the way in life there have been people who have said that I can’t do things.”

This sound familiar?  Did you notice Richie’s response?

“I don’t listen too much to people when they tell me I can’t do something…  There’s not a whole lot that’s going to stand in my way.”

That attitude is what dictates whether you live your dreams, or grow to resent them as they go unfulfilled year after year.  That’s the difference between thriving and surviving.   And that’s the reason I started this blog.  I’m a writer.  Sure as Richie Parker was meant to ride a bike, or meant to drive a car, I’m meant to be a writer.  Am I scared?  Terrified.  I haven’t found my nitch market yet.   I haven’t identified my target audience yet.  I’m not 100% sure how a blog is supposed to work.  I honestly don’t know what my next post will be about.  It could be a look back at some of the most influential rock albums of all time.  It could be a livid tirade about congress, Daniel Snyder, or Justin Bieber, all of whom have questionable intelligence and defective moral compasses in my book.  It might be an insider look at my day-to-day life, and my experiences as a husband, a father, a retail associate, a friend, or a writer.

One thing remains fixed firmly in mind though.  As long as I continue writing, and never give up on my dreams, I can confidently echo Richie Parker’s sentiment, “There’s not a whole lot that’s going to stand in my way.”  Richie was born with no arms, and STILL managed to achieve his dreams.  Have you achieved your dreams yet?  No.  What’s stopping you from achieving your dreams?  What is your excuse?

My name is Jonathan Turrell, and that’s my two cents!

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