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Seriously guys?  Tom and James, of Brisbane Australia have invented an app for busy guys that automatically sends pre-programmed text messages to their girlfriends when they haven’t talked in a while.  It even comes with countermeasures to prevent snoopy girlfriends from discovering the app.  Because building a relationship built on trust and communication clearly takes too much work…

And this is how you end up as fodder for rantandrecant.wordpress.com…  I’ll give you guys a hint, I’m not sure who I’m most upset at…

GUYS – If you need an app that automatically texts your girlfriend, a “Hey, how are you doing?” type message on a daily basis, you probably don’t deserve a girlfriend.  Or a cell phone.  You clearly are too busy or too self absorbed to drag other human beings into that mess you call a life.  Stick to goldfish.  Zero interaction.  Zero accountability.  Always there for you when you need them.  And if it doesn’t work out you can flush her and buy a new one for $0.27.

GIRLS – If you’re dumb enough to not realize you’re interacting with pre-programmed text messages, you probably don’t deserve a boyfriend.  Seriously, I can buy you girls a digipet (remember those?)  You push the ‘feed me’ button and a little electronic image of a puppy dog with a wagging tail pops up.  How emotionally satisfying is that?  You know, not everyone can keep a virtual pet happy, and well fed.  It takes a real woman to keep a virtual boyfriend satisfied, let me tell you.  Go back to playing Sims 17 : Suburban Scandal.

Then there’s the creators of this mind bogglingly useless app.  BroApp?  Seriously?  Is that Australian for single?  If you’re spending so much time with your mates, that you don’t have time to send a simple text message, maybe you should be dating one of your mates?  You clearly like your ‘mates’ more then your mate anyways!

If crap like this is the future of the dating scene, I’m glad I’m happily married.

My name is Jonathan Turrell, and that’s my two cents!