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I don’t get to rant often enough anymore.

So here goes!

In order to improve 3 schools, the city of Chicago is planning on firing… EVERYONE! (or at least everyone in those 3 schools) A little drastic? Probably.

The headline absolutely kills me though, “Improving failed schools full of black kids is RACIST” What the what?


How is the Chicago Public School’s CEO (who happens to be black) cleaning house in an attempt to take measures (albeit seemingly desperate/severe measures) to IMPROVE the school system for it’s students (who are also predominantly black, according to this article) racist? By the way, according to the Chicago Public School’s web page, only 33.9% of the students are African American. While 45.2% are Hispanic. Yet, the teacher’s union claims, “This is an attack on Black schools..” Why are the Hispanics not upset about this? By the numbers, it’s technically a “Hispanic school”… Not to mention that labeling an entire body of ethnically diverse students under the broad umbrella of ONE particular color is, in and of itself, RACIST!

Unless the city is ONLY firing black teachers and ONLY hiring white teachers to replace them this has NOTHING to do with race.

It might have to do with a whole bunch of kids from the projects being raised in broken, abusive and neglectful homes who are probably too busy trying to survive to waste time learning algebraic equations and verb conjugation. It might be a result of too many drunk daddies and too many strung out mommies having too many babies at too early an age. Perhaps not enough parents attending parent teacher conferences and school plays contributed to the failure of the schools and their students. Or maybe, just maybe, the teachers are really that bad at their jobs! I went to high school. I know for a fact, that about 2/3 of MY teachers had been doing an incredibly stressful job, at far too low a salary, for far too many years and were simply burnt out. I don’t know what’s causing the issues. I don’t live in Chicago.

But what I will say, is this… To make the asinine blanket statement that this is strictly about an “attack” on one race, is absurd.

Before we go any further. Let me clear something up!

Some people are bigots. And racists. And horrible hateful people. I’m not arguing that. Racism is real, and it’s one of the most divisive, ugliest, nastiest traits a human can possess. And I truly HATE racists!

What upsets me, is the overuse of the race card. Not EVERY bad thing that happens to a person (or group of people) of a certain ethnic background is a result of their skin color. There are literally THOUSANDS of different variables having nothing to do with race, that contribute to any one student’s success (or failure). Upbringing. Home life. Financial status. Parental involvement. Quality of the teachers. Quality of the curriculum. Safety and security in the schools and surrounding neighborhoods. Etc. Etc. Etc. All of these variables have a greater affect on a child’s ability to receive an education than the color of his skin. It takes a village to raise a child.

So play the race card if you want. That’s your right, I guess?

Just understand that THIS, right here is the type of thing that discredits other, FAR more legitimate claims of racism. THIS is why when someone of ANY ethnic background, flippantly plays the race card without any forethought, half the people in the room roll their eyes and tune out. And in the end, dealing with idiots like the people on this teacher’s union, making these absurd claims, actually CONTRIBUTES to widening the gap between the races.

In the end rest assured, that my opinion doesn’t really matter. And neither does yours. In the end all that really matters, is that fact that “God is not partial,but in every nation the man who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.” Acts 10 : 34,35. His opinion matters.