I would like to take a moment to apologize to the fans of this blog.  My readers.

I started this blog with the best intentions of adding a new post at least once a week.   From February 7, 2014, through May 18, 2014, I did a splendid job.  And then I dropped the ball.  While I offer my humble apologies for neglecting this blog, and it’s readers, I really have no excuses.  Just life getting in the way of living.  Congregation responsibilities.  Working.  Paying bills.  Raising kids.  Facebook.  Netflix.  A lot of different little pieces of my life getting in the way of my writing.

What brought this unfortunate lapse in creativity to my attention?
At what point did I realize that it had been nearly 5 months since I’d written ANYTHING?

A couple nights ago, a friend from our congregation approached me at random and asked, “I heard you have a blog where you rant and rave about stuff?”  This is a pretty good friend, but certainly not anyone I’ve ever discussed my writing with.  She’s a little older than me.  And by that, I mean she’s NOT someone I would necessarily consider my “target audience”.  But in that moment she seemed like my number one fan, and it all hit me like a ton of bricks.  I suddenly realized how long it had been since I’d written ANYTHING.  I also caught a glimpse of how widespread my writing had become despite my lack of consistency, effort and focus.  Despite not adding a single post in 5 months, people were still approaching me and asking about my blog.  And I’m honestly not even sure if this friend was a member of our congregation the last time I posted a blog entry (if so, she was new to our congregation) but STILL she heard through the grapevine that I was a writer, and wanted to read my stuff!  I was so floored that I accidentally blew her off at first.  After standing there, stupefied for a moment, I mumbled something like, “Yeah, I used to.”  and walked away quickly, pretending to be to chasing after Isaac.

What had just occurred?
Was I suddenly ashamed of my writing?
Was I even a writer anymore?

A few minutes later, when the shock wore off, I scribbled down the web address for my blog and passed it to her, warning her that it had been a while since I added anything new to my blog.  I’m not sure if she’ll even check into my blog, but one thing is for sure, by her asking about my blog she lit a fire under me, and with her help I came to a couple of burning conclusions!

I am a writer.
I will ALWAYS be a writer.
I will continue to write, as time permits.  (unfortunately I have no way to guarantee when, or how often that will be)

That’s all I can promise for the time being…  It’s all I have to give…

That being said, I want my readers to rest assured that I do currently have SEVERAL new ideas for writing projects (though most have no place on this blog).  Regardless, I want you guys to know that I will be keeping my ‘fans’ (all 59 of you, according to Facebook “Likes”) posted, via this blog, and Facebook!  Until then, be well my friends!