I applied for a job. Not my dream job. But a job. It’s local. It’s climate controlled. Not sure about the hours or the schedule or the pay yet, but it’s local and climate controlled, and that’s a step in the right direction.  An interview was set up for Friday at 2 PM at their home office in Nashville (over an hour from my house).

They leave a voicemail at 4:35 on Thursday, “I’m sorry Mr. Turrell we’re going to have to reschedule your interview for either 1PM or 4PM, we have a mandatory meeting that our staff has to attend Friday afternoon (which I interpret as she got asked out for lunch time drinks and wasn’t sure when she’d be back in the office).

Now the kicker is EITHER 1PM or 4PM would have worked for me. My son, Isaac was at his aunt Hannah’s. I had taken the day off work. All was right in the world. Except for the fact that the 2 dozen times I called them to confirm which time they needed me to show up, nobody answered the phone. Nobody even took the time out of their busy day to call me back.

UNTIL 1:24 on Friday, when I receive a call. “If you can make it up here by 2PM we can squeeze the interview in today. If not, we’ll have to reschedule for next week.”

PAUSE : Wasn’t 2PM when the “mandatory” meeting was? Wasn’t that what I originally agreed too anyways? A little late to be changing plans now sweetheart!

Now, to be clear.  I rescheduled the interview for next week. Just in case it DOES turn out to be my dream job.  But to be safe, while I was all dressed up and in the mood to interview, I applied at a couple other places in town. Because let’s face it, a company that is THAT disorganized, and THAT incredibly inefficient at returning time sensitive phone calls, would most likely be out of business before I finish my training anyways!

As a side point, do I really want to work for a company that doesn’t return phone calls in a timely manner? Just seems like simple ‘business 101’?  How did this numbskull get put in charge of recruiting?  You’re telling me this is the head of your Human Resources department?  She’s not human, or a resource.  She’s an overpaid clown.  No wonder your turnover is so high.

I’m getting paid $9 an hour to stack salsa, and this chick who can’t return a basic phone call has a good paying job, and is climbing the corporate ladder?  This is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the American economy.  As Larry Winget (the “pitbull of personal development”) says, “If you’re business sucks, it’s because you as a business person suck.”  And this lady clearly sucks at her job!