Pictures captioned, “Black Lives Matter” seem to be trending on Facebook. And they do matter. No argument there.

But White lives matter too. (As a side point, I find it disturbing that those are the only two races defined by COLOR)

So do Asian lives.
So do Hispanic lives.
So do Italian lives.
So do French lives.
So do German lives.
And the list goes on and on.

To my friends of EVERY race, nationality or color.
YOUR life matters.
Take care of YOU!
Be safe out there.

Go into the “routine traffic stop” knowing that there’s nothing routine about it. (for you or the police officer).
Understand that BOTH parties are on edge!

REGARDLESS of what race you are…

When a cop says, “step out of your car” you step out of your car.
When a cop says “stay in your car” you stay in your car.
When a cop says “sit on that curb while I search your vehicle” you sit on the curb, laughing because you know he’s not gonna find anything.

If you’re not “dirty” and have nothing to hide, there’s no reason to resist, talk back, strike the officer, or make a break for it. And the second you do ANY of these things, REGARDLESS of race, understand that you’re putting yourself in harms way.  Please don’t put the police officer in a position where he has to make that kind of split second adrenaline filled decision. No good will come of it.  EVER!!!

Use your head.
Swallow your pride.
Keep your ego in check.
Think before you act.
Do YOUR part to prevent these situations.